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Research Areas
 Assessment of the Development of Surgical Skills
In order to understand the development of the surgical skills of the trainees before and after the training they received at our Neurosurgery Skills Training Facility, AIIMS, we studied the video recordings of their surgical performance. These two video clips are the recordings of the surgical activity of the same trainee who attended a 4 weeks long training at our facility.
Before Training   After 4 Weeks Training
•  Dexterity of the trainee: Poor i.e. his hands were trembling
•  Eye-Hand Coordination: Poor
•  Instrument Tissue Manipulation: poor i.e. the clips were placed too close
Even though
•  Speed: Decent
•  Effectualness: Not Achieved i.e. Blood clot formed
Such a formation of blood clot in the human brain can lead to
Lethal Consequences: Paralysis or even Death

•  Dexterity of the trainee: Excellent i.e. his hands were not trembling
•  Eye-Hand Coordination: Very Good i.e. timely and precise
•  Instrument Tissue Manipulation: Good
Even though
•  Component Speed: less
•  Overall Speed: Good
•  Effectualness: Achieved i.e. Continuous Blood flow

Moreover, the result of such surgical performances on Live Nervous Tissues with
Very Low Margin of Error

Final Outcome: Death   Final Outcome: Life

We are working on assessment of the development and difference in the surgical performance of the trainee before and after the skills training. But we hope that these videos would give a better insight on the need of Surgical Skills Training, especially for the branch of Neurosurgery.

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